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Definition of Swift

  1. intransitive verb Moving a great distance in a short time; moving with celerity or velocity; fleet; rapid; quick; speedy; prompt.
  2. intransitive verb Of short continuance; passing away quickly.
  3. adverb Swiftly.
  4. noun The current of a stream.
  5. noun Any one of numerous species of small, long-winged, insectivorous birds of the family Micropodidae. In form and habits the swifts resemble swallows, but they are destitute of complex vocal muscles and are not singing birds, but belong to a widely different group allied to the humming birds.
  6. noun Any one of several species of lizards, as the pine lizard.
  7. noun The ghost moth. See under Ghost.
  8. noun A reel, or turning instrument, for winding yarn, thread, etc.; -- used chiefly in the plural.
  9. noun The main card cylinder of a flax-carding machine.

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