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Definition of Swill

  1. transitive verb To wash; to drench.
  2. noun To drink in great draughts; to swallow greedily.
  3. noun To inebriate; to fill with drink.
  4. intransitive verb To drink greedily or swinishly; to drink to excess.
  5. noun The wash, or mixture of liquid substances, given to swine; hogwash; -- called also swillings.
  6. noun Large draughts of liquor; drink taken in excessive quantities.

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v. swilled, swillВ·ing, swills. 1. To drink greedily or grossly: "Unshaven horsemen swill the great wines of the Chateaux" (W.H. Auden). 2. To flood with water, - Cached - Similar

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to drink great drafts of : guzzle <swill beer>. 3. : to feed (as a pig) with swill. intransitive verb. 1. : to drink or eat freely, greedily, or to excess. 2. : swash. — swill·er - Cached - Similar

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Swill may also refer to: Swill (album), an album by Ten Foot Pole; Philip "Swill" Odgers, singer with The Men They Couldn't Hang - Cached - Similar

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the last quarter of your forty that typically tastes like - Cached - Similar

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swill. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search ... He took a swill of his drink and tried to think of words. (Ultimate Frisbee) A - Cached

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Swill (swil) vt. [ME. swilen <O.E.swilen < IE. base*swel-,to devour, whence SWALLOW2] 1. to flood with water so as to wash or rinse 2. to drink greedily or in - Cached

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December В· November В· October В· September. Swill Coffee and Wine is on Facebook. To connect with Swill Coffee and Wine, sign up for Facebook - Cached

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SWILL (Simple Web Interface Link Library) is a programming library that makes it relatively easy to add a web interface to programs written in C and C++. It does - Cached - Similar

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Swill Radio will be closed from March 23 to May 1 due to the Tobacconists tour. I should have a new list in early May which will include a new Graham Lambkin - Cached - Similar

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119 Reviews of Swill Automatic CLOSED "I'm so sad this place is closed!!! I'm trying to get through all my Yelp review bookmarks and I just noticed - Cached