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Definition of Swing

  1. intransitive verb To move to and fro, as a body suspended in the air; to wave; to vibrate; to oscillate.
  2. intransitive verb To sway or move from one side or direction to another; as, the door swung open.
  3. intransitive verb To use a swing; as, a boy swings for exercise or pleasure. See Swing, n., 3.
  4. noun To turn round by action of wind or tide when at anchor; as, a ship swings with the tide.
  5. noun To be hanged.
  6. transitive verb To cause to swing or vibrate; to cause to move backward and forward, or from one side to the other.
  7. transitive verb To give a circular movement to; to whirl; to brandish; as, to swing a sword; to swing a club; hence, colloquially, to manage; as, to swing a business.
  8. transitive verb To admit or turn (anything
  9. noun The act of swinging; a waving, oscillating, or vibratory motion of a hanging or pivoted object; oscillation; as, the swing of a pendulum.
  10. noun Swaying motion from one side or direction to the other; as, some men walk with a swing.
  11. noun A line, cord, or other thing suspended and hanging loose, upon which anything may swing; especially, an apparatus for recreation by swinging, commonly consisting of a rope, the two ends of which are attached overhead, as to the bough of a tree, a seat being placed in the loop at the bottom; also, any contrivance by which a similar motion is produced for amusement or exercise.
  12. noun Influence of power of a body put in swaying motion.
  13. noun Capacity of a turning lathe, as determined by the diameter of the largest object that can be turned in it.
  14. noun Free course; unrestrained liberty or license; tendency.

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