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Definition of Swink

  1. intransitive verb To labor; to toil; to salve.
  2. transitive verb To cause to toil or drudge; to tire or exhaust with labor.
  3. transitive verb To acquire by labor.
  4. noun Labor; toil; drudgery.

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swink - definition of swink by the Free Online Dictionary ...

swink [swЙЄЕ‹k] Archaic. vb (intr) to toil or drudge. n. toil or drudgery [Old English swinc, from swincan] swinker n

Swink, Colorado

Swink lies midway between Rocky Ford and La Junta, in the center of a rich farming district. While the history of the town may be said to date back to about 1900, its ...

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Swink is a Statutory Town in Otero County, Colorado, United States. The population was 696 at the 2000 census. It was named after George W. Swink. As of the census of ...

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Definition of SWINK. intransitive verb. archaic: toil, slave. Origin of SWINK. Middle English, from Old English swincan; akin to Old High German swingan to rush ...


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