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The past tense and past participle of Swipe

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A lever, especially one that raises the bucket in a well. v. swiped, swipВ·ing, swipes. 1. To hit with a sweeping motion. 2. To pass (a swipe card) through an - Cached - Similar

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31 May 2012 ... Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Swiped on the App Store. Download Swiped and enjoy it on your - Cached

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28 May 2012 ... Best casual game of iPhone/iPad now in Android for free! *** Top swipe action based game of iPad/iPhone now in Android for free! *** Very ... - Cached

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1) Demagnetized; the state of a credit or debit card which has been run through a card reader too many times. 2) Unable to access money in the - Cached - Similar

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13 Mar 2012 ... Overview. Grinwhite lost his House Jorasco signet brooch to a Quickfoot thief who escaped into the sewers beneath the marketplace. Chase - Cached - Similar

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a strong, sweeping blow, as with a cricket bat or golf club. 2. Informal. a swing of the arm in order to strike somebody; punch. 3. a sideswipe. 4. Informal. a critical - Cached - Similar


CAPTCHA. Enter. Registration. Username*. Password*. Repeat password*. Email. ICQ. Captcha*. CAPTCHA. Register | Sign - Cached

Still Alive And Swiping

Still Alive And Swiping. Taking swings at anything and everything. Half Review of A Dance with Dragons. I'm halfway through A Dance with Dragons – the fifth - Cached

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Frazetta swiped from the best. By Mark Frauenfelder at 8:25 am Monday, May 14. Top: Detail from "Les Porteurs de Mauvaises Nouvelles," by - Cached