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Definition of Swiss

  1. n. sing. & pl. A native or inhabitant of Switzerland; a Switzer; the people of Switzerland.
  2. adjective Of or pertaining to Switzerland, or the people of Switzerland.

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  • Grisons noun plural Inhabitants of the eastern Swiss Alps.noun plural The largest and most eastern of the Swiss cantons.
  • Switzer noun A native or inhabitant of Switzerland; a Swiss.
  • Landamman noun A chief magistrate in some of the Swiss cantons.noun The president of the diet of the Helvetic republic.
  • Mountainous adjective Full of, or containing, mountains; as, the mountainous country of the Swiss.adjective Inhabiting mountains.adjective...
  • Sapsago noun A kind of Swiss cheese, of a greenish color, flavored with melilot.
  • Vaudois n. sing. & pl. An inhabitant, or the inhabitants, of the Swiss canton of Vaud.n. sing. & pl. A modern name of the Waldenses.

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Switzerland, in its full name the Swiss Confederation. While the Alps occupy the... The English name Switzerland is a compound containing Switzer, an obsolete term ...

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