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Definition of Swivel-eyed

adjective Squint-eyed.

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Swivel-eyed - Meaning and definition. ... Look up: Swivel-eyed. Swivel Eyed Swivel eyed is British slang for untrustworthy. Machiavellian. Found on - Cached

Are the 'swivel-eyed cranks and fruitcakes' about to take revenge ...

15 Apr 2012 ... NICK WOOD: David Cameron dubbed them 'fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists' . Now energy minister and uber-modernising Cameroon Cameroon-abuse-UKIP-dangerous-game

It's not Ukip who are 'swivel-eyed', Greg Barker – Telegraph Blogs

16 Apr 2012 ... My heart sank when I saw in the Telegraph that Greg Barker had told Christopher Hope, the Telegraph's political correspondent, that the - Cached

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Eye Swivel Sale All Must Go – Save Big On Eye Swivel Bargains! Ads. Swivel-eyed. Swiv"el-eyed`\, a. Squint-eyed. [Prov. Eng.] - Cached

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Guess they was swivel-eyed, then, fer it didn't git home, and I know who'll find his boots on the main-truck ef he don't leave us alone. Captains Courageous by - Cached - Similar

Who You Calling Swivel-Eyed? - Guy Fawkes' blog

14 Apr 2012 ... Swivel eyed or Barking Mad? ... Swivel-eyed finances, that's what I swear by. .... Seems to have it spot on as all the swivel eyed cardigan and - Cached

Swivel-eyed Euro-enthusiasts The Tory Diary

16 Apr 2012 ... By Paul Goodman Follow Paul on Twitter I've joined the great national debate about swivelling eyes in the Daily Telegraph this morning. I'm not - Cached

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swiveleyed. Gender: male; About me: Professional farmer, dilettante writer and gentleman scholar. I am of the view that it would be best for the UK to leave the - Cached