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Definition of Swizzle

  1. transitive verb To drink; to swill.
  2. noun Ale and beer mixed; also, drink generally.

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What is Swizzle? Swizzle started out as some stream-based parsing code I've had sitting around for quite some time. Once the project was established, it became my ...


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Quasi-Official Site of Santa Barbara's Swizzle Sisters, what might happen if Etta James and the Andrews Sisters joined the Ronettes.

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Swizzle . Home; Biografie; Foto's; Downloads; Repertoire; Contact; Gebruikersnaam. Wachtwoord. Automatisch inloggen. Wachtwoord vergeten?


Grab great food and drink at one of Bermuda's most famous pubs: The Swizzle Inn on Baileys Bay or The Swizzle on South Shore.

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Bermuda's Famous Pubs: The Swizzle Inn and The Swizzle ...

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Formed in 1989 in San Francisco, California, Four Non Blondes left their mark on the pop music world with one major hit, “What’s Up?”. The band continued to ...

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