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Definition of Sword

  1. noun An offensive weapon, having a long and usually sharp/pointed blade with a cutting edge or edges. It is the general term, including the small sword, rapier, saber, scimiter, and many other varieties.
  2. noun Hence, the emblem of judicial vengeance or punishment, or of authority and power.
  3. noun Destruction by the sword, or in battle; war; dissension.
  4. noun The military power of a country.
  5. noun One of the end bars by which the lay of a hand loom is suspended.

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  • Half-sword noun Half the length of a sword; close fight.
  • Sword-shaped adjective Shaped like a sword; ensiform, as the long, flat leaves of the Iris, cattail, and the like.
  • Brond noun A sword.
  • Morglay noun A sword.
  • Bladesmith noun A sword cutler.

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