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Definition of Transformable

adjective Capable of being transformed or changed.

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  • Convertible adjective Capable of being converted; susceptible of change; transmutable; transformable.adjective Capable of being exchanged or...
  • Transmutable adjective Capable of being transmuted or changed into a different substance, or into into something of a different form a nature;...

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v. trans·formed, trans·form·ing, trans·forms. 1. To change markedly the appearance or form of: "A thick, fibrous fog had transformed the trees into ghosts and - Cached - Similar

Hoberman Associates - Transformable Design

br. Expanding Sphere 2010 | Deutsche Telekom Booth, CeBIT Trade Show, 2010 , Hanover, Germany. POLA Ginza Building Facade | Ginza District, Tokyo, - Cached - Similar

Transformable, Convertible & Collapsible Urban Furniture ...

23 Aug 2007 ... The transformable, convertible and collapsible designs below are impressively cramped-urban-living/ - Cached - Similar

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AChecker is an accessibility evaluation Web service, created at the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, that will identify barriers in HTML that may prevent - Cached

Blandito - Transformable Furniture for Lazy Living - Unfinished Man

29 Mar 2012 ... The Blandito is for you: use it for any form of lounging or wanking, since it's easily convertible into dozens of furniture living/ - Cached


The Lego NXT wall-e transformable robot is fully self controlled It uses Lego Mindstorms programming. environment. It is for all I know the first Lego build - Similar

Transformable (Mobile 3D Graphics API (M3G))

Transformable is an abstract class, and therefore has no public constructor. When a class derived from Transformable is instantiated, the attributes inherited from - Cached

Core Data Programming Guide: Non-Standard Persistent Attributes

3 Aug 2011 ... The idea behind transformable attributes is that you access an attribute as a non- standard type, but behind the scenes Core Data uses an - Cached