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Definition of Umbilicated

  1. adjective Depressed in the middle, like a navel, as a flower, fruit, or leaf; navel-shaped; having an umbilicus; as, an umbilicated smallpox vesicle.
  2. adjective Supported by a stalk at the central point.

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  • Umbilicate adjective Alt. of Umbilicated
  • Smallpox noun A contagious, constitutional, febrile disease characterized by a peculiar eruption; variola. The cutaneous eruption is at...
  • Umbilication noun A slight, navel-like depression, or dimpling, of the center of a rounded body; as, the umbilication of a smallpox vesicle;...

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umbilicated - definition of umbilicated by the Free Online Dictionary ...

um·bil·i·cate ( m-b l -k t) also um·bil·i·cat·ed (-k t d). adj. 1. Having a central mark or depression resembling a navel. 2. Having a - Cached - Similar

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29 Jun 2009 ... What are umbilicated lesions?Such lesions are generally noted on the skin as a part of the rashes noted in some skin disorders. Many skin - Cached - Similar

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Definition of UMBILICATED. : having a small depression that resembles a navel <umbilicated vesicles>. —um·bil·i·cate \-ˌkāt\ intransitive verb, um·bil·i·cat·ed - Cached

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Definition and other additional information on Umbilicated from Biology-Online. org - Cached - Similar

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Definition of umbilicated in the dictionary. Meaning of umbilicated. What does umbilicated mean? Information and translations of umbilicated in - Cached

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Adding 'He Shulk Gets Dis-Umbilicated (outtake version)' to your timeline Spinner Remove this item from your Timeline Permanently turn social sharing OFF - Cached


Umbilicated Stomach Ulcer, Gastric Ulcer. Do you know what your umbilicus is? That's right! It's your belly-button. Lift up your shirt and take a peek at your - Cached dictionary :: umbilicated :: German-English translation German-English Dictionary: Translation for - Cached