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Definition of Umbrette

noun See Umber, 4.

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List of Animals that start with U

Animals list starting with U List of Animals that start with U: Uakari; Uganda kob; Uinta ground squirrel; Umbrella bird; Umbrette; Unau; Ungulate; Unicorn

RawUmber Art & Design

RawUmber Art: eclectic work in painting, drawing, design, photography by this Canadian artist.

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More Words. List all words ending with ette. 122 words found. aigrette aiguillette andouillette

Animals That Start With U | Animals That Start With

Umbrette: Upland gorilla: Urraca: Upsidedown Catfish: Urus: Unagi: Ukrainian Brook Lamprey: Urva: Utah prairie dog: Uromastyx lizard: Ultrasaurus: Ungulate: Urchin ...

Animals that Start with U

u - Are you searching for animals that start with U? This page contains a huge list of animals that begin with u

umiak - definition of umiak by the Free Online Dictionary ...

u·mi·ak also oo·mi·ak (m-k) n. A large open Inuit or Eskimo boat made of skins stretched on a wooden frame, usually propelled by paddles. [Inuit umiaq.]

umber - definition and meaning - Wordnik: All the Words

A natural brown earth containing ferric oxide and manganese oxides, used as pigment.

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Lactacid - Meaning and definition ... 1 May 2012 This day in history: On May 1st 1912 a magical thing happened in Kensington Gardens.