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Definition of Umlaut

noun The euphonic modification of a root vowel sound by the influence of a, u, or especially i, in the syllable which formerly followed.

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  • Umlauted adjective Having the umlaut; as, umlauted vowels.

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The diaeresis and the umlaut are diacritics that consist of two dots (¨) placed over a letter, most commonly a vowel. When that letter is an i or a j, the diacritic ...

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Umlaut may refer to: Diaeresis (diacritic), a pair of dots (¨) above a vowel, used in various languages Metal umlaut, the same diacritic in names of heavy metal or ...

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noun 1. a mark (¨) used as a diacritic over a vowel, as ä, ö, ü, to indicate a vowel sound different from that of the letter without the diacritic, especially as ...

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How to create letters with diacritical marks, such as the umlaut accent marks. Type umlaut accent marks on a Mac, a Windows PC, and in HTML.

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In linguistics, umlaut (from German um - "around"/"the other way" + Laut "sound") is a process whereby a vowel is pronounced more like a following vowel or semivowel.

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Definition of UMLAUT. 1. a: the change of a vowel (as \ü\ to \ē\ in goose, geese) that is caused by partial assimilation to a succeeding sound or that occurs as a ...

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May 01, 2012 · An assimilatory process whereby a vowel is pronounced more like a following vocoid that is separated by one or more consonants. · (linguistics) The umlaut ...