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Definition of Unintelligence

noun Absence or lack of intelligence; unwisdom; ignorance.

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adjective 1. deficient in intelligence; dull; stupid. 2. not endowed with intelligence. Origin: 1600–10; un- 1 + intelligent Related forms un·in·tel·li·gence ...

30 Rock - Episode Guide - Idiots Are People Three -

Devon Banks returns to torment Jack while Tracy escalates his protest with Liz and Jenna call in a favor to solve a pesky Pete problem.

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Urban Dictionary: blonde

A hair color anywhere from extremely pale to sandy colored(lions coat color).

Is mouth breathing a sign of unintelligence? | ChaCha

Is mouth breathing a sign of unintelligence? ChaCha Answer: Mouth breathing is not a sign of unintelligence but can be a sign of a me...

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Artificial intelligence robots have held a conversation with one another for the first time with surprising and surreal results. Two graduate PhD students ...