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Definition of Usefully

adverb In a useful manner.

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  • Behovely a. & adv. Useful, or usefully.

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usefully - definition of usefully by the Free Online Dictionary ...

use·ful (y s f l). adj. 1. Having a beneficial use; serviceable: a useful kitchen gadget. 2. Being of practical use: a useful job; useful members of - Cached - Similar

usefully adverb - definition in British English Dictionary & Thesaurus ...

usefully adverb - definition, audio pronunciation, synonyms and more for usefully adverb: in an effective or helpful way: See more in British English Dictionary - Cached

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Don't just roll the dice - a usefully short guide to software pricing ...

More than 50000 people have downloaded this free and usefully short eBook about the art, science and magic of pricing their - Cached

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usefully (comparative more usefully, superlative most usefully). In a useful manner; in a way ... I would rather have it said, "He lived usefully," than, "He died rich." - Cached

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4 Jun 2012 ... I have turned off the ability for people with a email address to sign up for the forums. If spam accounts continue to be made with - Cached - Similar

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27 Apr 2012 ... Based on industry checks, X-bit labs believes that Globalfoundries and other partners will use fully-depleted SOI with its 20nm processes and to_Use_Fully_Depleted_SO

Don't Just Roll the Dice

Don't Just Roll. The Dice: A usefully short guide to software pricing. By Neil Davidson. First published by Simple Talk Publishing 2009 - Cached - Similar

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