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Definition of Bran

  1. noun The broken coat of the seed of wheat, rye, or other cereal grain, separated from the flour or meal by sifting or bolting; the coarse, chaffy part of ground grain.
  2. noun The European carrion crow.

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  • Bran-new adjective See Brand-new.
  • Furfuraceous adjective Made of bran; like bran; scurfy.
  • Furfurous adjective Made of bran; furfuraceous.
  • Pollen noun Fine bran or flour.noun The fecundating dustlike cells of the anthers of flowers. See Flower, and Illust. of Filament.
  • Branny adjective Having the appearance of bran; consisting of or containing bran.
  • Bultel noun A bolter or bolting cloth; also, bran.
  • Pityroid adjective Having the form of, or resembling, bran.

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Bran is the outer layer of a cereal grain, often removed during processing. High in fiber, bran is often eaten to help improve...

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bran n. The outer layers of the grain of cereals such as wheat, removed during the process of milling and used as a source of dietary fiber

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noun 1. the partly ground husk of wheat or other grain, separated from flour meal by sifting. verb (used with object) 2. to soak or boil in bran water, as in the ...

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Bran (br n) n. Mythology. A gigantic Celtic god and ruler of Britain. After he was mortally wounded in battle, his head was buried in London, where it served as a ...

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Definition of BRAN: the edible broken seed coats of cereal grain separated from the flour or meal by sifting or bolting . See bran defined for English-language learners

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The bran is the outer layer that surrounds cereal grain seeds such as wheat, rice and [[oats]. It helps protect the developing endosperm in the seed and it helps ...