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Definition of Bray

  1. transitive verb To pound, beat, rub, or grind small or fine.
  2. intransitive verb To utter a loud, harsh cry, as an ass.
  3. intransitive verb To make a harsh, grating, or discordant noise.
  4. transitive verb To make or utter with a loud, discordant, or harsh and grating sound.
  5. noun The harsh cry of an ass; also, any harsh, grating, or discordant sound.
  6. noun A bank; the slope of a hill; a hill. See Brae, which is now the usual spelling.

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  • Brayed The past tense and past participle of Bray
  • Braying p. pr. & vb. n. of Brayadjective Making a harsh noise; blaring.

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bray v. , brayed , braying , brays . v.intr. To utter the loud, harsh cry of a donkey. To sound loudly and harshly: The foghorn brayed all night

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noun 1. the loud, harsh cry of a donkey. 2. any similar loud, harsh sound .'s Mobile Apps Ad-Free, Offline Content, Audio ...

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Definition of BRAY. intransitive verb: to utter the characteristic loud harsh cry of a donkey; also: to utter a sound like a donkey's . transitive verb

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bray 1 (br) v. brayed, brayВ·ing, brays. v.intr. 1. To utter the loud, harsh cry of a donkey. 2. To sound loudly and harshly: The foghorn brayed all night.

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