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Definition of Brethren

  1. noun pl. of Brother.
  2. plural of Brother
  3. plural of Brother

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  • Plymouth Brethren The members of a religious sect which first appeared at Plymouth, England, about 1830. They protest against sectarianism, and...
  • Darbyite noun One of the Plymouth Brethren, or of a sect among them; -- so called from John N. Darby, one of the leaders of the Brethren.
  • Moravian adjective Of or pertaining to Moravia, or to the United Brethren. See Moravian, n.noun One of a religious sect called the United...
  • Fraternal adjective Pf, pertaining to, or involving, brethren; becoming to brothers; brotherly; as, fraternal affection; a fraternal...
  • Dunker noun One of a religious denomination whose tenets and practices are mainly those of the Baptists, but partly those of the...

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Brethren is a name adopted by several Protestant Christian bodies which do not necessarily share historical roots. As classified in The Pilgrim Church by EH - Cached - Similar

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The Plymouth Brethren is a conservative, Evangelical Christian movement, whose history can be traced to Dublin, Ireland, in the late 1820s. Although the group - Cached - Similar

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00:10. 00:09. 00:08. 00:07. 00:06. 00:05. 00:04. 00:03. 00:02. 00:01. Brethren is always a great word to know. So is interrobang. Does it mean: So is - Cached - Similar

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Definition of BRETHREN. plural of brother. —used chiefly in formal or solemn address or in referring to the members of a profession, society, or sect - Cached - Similar

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Archaic except when referring to fellow members of a religion, sect, society, etc a plural of brother. ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms - Cached - Similar

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Official website of the Church of the Brethren. Continuing the work of Jesus. Peacefully. Simply. - Cached - Similar

Brethren Online, Plymouth Brethren, Open Brethren, Christian Brethren, sermons, - Cached - Similar

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20 Mar 2009 ... The non-denominational Plymouth Brethren movement originated among Christians in the British Isles during the early 19th - Cached - Similar

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When it comes to BEING the church, we Americans can certainly take a few examples from our Brethren in - Cached - Similar

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11 Aug 2009 ... About the Evangelican Christian group known as the Exclusive Brethren: their beliefs, history and their custom of keeping themselves separate - Cached - Similar