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Definition of Cake

  1. noun A small mass of dough baked; especially, a thin loaf from unleavened dough; as, an oatmeal cake; johnnycake.
  2. noun A sweetened composition of flour and other ingredients, leavened or unleavened, baked in a loaf or mass of any size or shape.
  3. noun A thin wafer-shaped mass of fried batter; a griddlecake or pancake; as buckwheat cakes.
  4. noun A mass of matter concreted, congealed, or molded into a solid mass of any form, esp. into a form rather flat than high; as, a cake of soap; an ague cake.
  5. intransitive verb To form into a cake, or mass.
  6. intransitive verb To concrete or consolidate into a hard mass, as dough in an oven; to coagulate.
  7. intransitive verb To cackle as a goose.

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  • Twelfth-cake noun An ornamented cake distributed among friends or visitors on the festival of Twelfth-night.
  • Mill-cake noun The incorporated materials for gunpowder, in the form of a dense mass or cake, ready to be subjected to the process of...
  • Tough-cake noun See Tough-pitch (b
  • Caked The past tense and past participle of Cake

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noun 1. a sweet, baked, breadlike food, made with or without shortening, and usually containing flour, sugar, baking powder or soda, eggs, and liquid flavoring. 2. a ...