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Definition of Ceratobranchia

noun plural A group of nudibranchiate Mollusca having on the back papilliform or branched organs serving as gills.

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  • Eolis noun A genus of nudibranch mollusks having clusters of branchial papillae along the back. See Ceratobranchia.
  • Nudibranchiata noun plural A division of opisthobranchiate mollusks, having no shell except while very young. The gills are naked and situated...

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Ceratobranchia is a genus of characins found in tropical South America. There are currently five described species in this - Cached - Similar

Ceratobranchia obtusirostris

Ceratobranchia obtusirostris Eigenmann, 1914 ... Image of Ceratobranchia obtusirostris В· Ceratobranchia obtusirostris. Picture by Hoffmann, P. and M. Hoffmann - Cached - Similar

Species Ceratobranchia binghami - FishBase

Ceratobranchia binghami Eigenmann, 1927. Upload your photos and videos | All pictures | Google image |. Image of Ceratobranchia binghami. No image - Cached - Similar

Ceratobranchia delotaenia

Ceratobranchia delotaenia Chernoff & Machado-Allison, 1990 ... Image of Ceratobranchia delotaenia. No image available for this species; drawing shows - Cached - Similar

Characid Fishes of the Genus Ceratobranchia, with Descriptions of ...

The genus Ceratobranchia Eigenmann comprises five species (two new) of ... sidered to be apomorphies supporting the monophyly of Ceratobranchia as - Similar

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Ceratobranchia. Cer`a*to*bran"chi*a\, n. pl. [NL., fr. Gr. ?, ?, horn + ?, n. pl., gills.] (Zo["o]l.) A group of nudibranchiate Mollusca having on the back papilliform or - Cached - Similar

ITIS Standard Report Page: Ceratobranchia elatior

Hosted by the USGS Center for Biological Informatics (CBI), through the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII). Page designed through the - Cached - Similar

Ceratobranchia binghami - The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Ceratobranchia binghami. Status_ne_off Status_dd_off Status_lc_on Status_nt_off Status_vu_off Status_en_off Status_cr_off Status_ew_off Status_ex_off - Cached - Similar

World Polychaeta Database - Leprea ceratobranchia Caullery, 1944

Status, accepted. Record status, Checked by Taxonomic Editor. Rank, Species. Parent, Leprea Malmgren, 1867 accepted as Terebella Linnaeus, 1767. Sources - Cached - Similar

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The Encyclopedia of Life is an unprecedented effort to gather and share scientific knowledge about all living things in a single online resource, giving each of us - Similar