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Definition of Cyanean

adjective Having an azure color.

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Cyanean Cy*a"ne*an\ (s?-?"n?-a]/>n), a. [Gr. kya`neos dark blue.] Having an azure color. --Pennant.

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Cy`aВґne`an (s?-?Вґn?-an) a. 1. Having an azure color. How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, add the site to iGoogle ...

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Cyanean Rocks (The). The Symplegades at the entrance of the Euxine Sea. Said to close together when a vessel attempted to sail between them, and thus crush it to pieces.

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Cyanean - Meaning and definition ... Look up: Cyanean . Cyanean CyВ·a'neВ·an adjective [ Greek kya`neos dark blue.]


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Having an azure color. ... Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia. Of an azure color; cerulean. Pennant. GNU Webster's 1913

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Cyanean Rock - Description: The Symplegades or Clashing Rocks, also known as the Cyanean Rocks, were, according to Greek mythology, a pair of rocks at the Bosphorus ...

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