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Definition of Cyanogen

noun A colorless, inflammable, poisonous gas, C2N2, with a peach-blossom odor, so called from its tendency to form blue compounds; obtained by heating ammonium oxalate, mercuric cyanide, etc. It is obtained in combination, forming an alkaline cyanide when nitrogen or a nitrogenous compound is strongly ignited with carbon and soda or potash. It conducts itself like a member of the halogen group of elements, and shows a tendency to form complex compounds. The name is also applied to the univalent radical, CN (the half molecule of cyanogen proper

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  • Cyanic adjective Pertaining to, or containing, cyanogen.adjective Of or pertaining to a blue color.
  • Hydrocyanic adjective Pertaining to, or derived from the combination of, hydrogen and cyanogen.
  • Cyanide noun A compound formed by the union of cyanogen with an element or radical.
  • Dicyanide noun A compound of a binary type containing two cyanogen groups or radicals; -- called also bicyanide.
  • Hydroferricyanic noun Pertaining to, or containing, or obtained from, hydrogen, ferric iron, and cyanogen; as, hydroferricyanic acid. See...
  • Hydroferrocyanic adjective Pertaining to, or containing, or obtained from, hydrogen, ferrous iron, and cyanogen; as, hydroferrocyanic acid. See...
  • Melaniline noun A complex nitrogenous hydrocarbon obtained artificially (as by the action of cyanogen chloride on aniline
  • Paracyanogen noun A polymeric modification of cyanogen, obtained as a brown or black amorphous residue by heating mercuric cyanide.
  • Cyamellone noun A complex derivative of cyanogen, regarded as an acid, and known chiefly in its salts; -- called also hydromellonic acid.
  • Hydrocyanide noun A compound of hydrocyanic acid with a base; -- distinguished from a cyanide, in which only the cyanogen so combines.

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Definition of CYANOGEN. 1. : a monovalent group в€’CN present in cyanides. 2. : a colorless flammable poisonous gas (CN)2. See cyanogen defined for kids В» ...

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cyВ·anВ·oВ·gen (s - n -j n). n. 1. A colorless, flammable, pungent, highly poisonous gas, C2N2, used as a rocket propellant, an insecticide, and a chemical weapon.

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