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Definition of Cyanotic

adjective Relating to cyanosis; affected with cyanosis; as, a cyanotic patient; having the hue caused by cyanosis; as, a cyanotic skin.

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noun Pathology . blueness or lividness of the skin, as from imperfectly oxygenated blood. Origin: 1825–35; < Neo-Latin < Greek kyánōsis dark-blue color. See cyan ...

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Cyanotic heart disease is a heart defect, present at birth (congenital), that results in low blood oxygen levels. There may be more than one defect. Causes ...

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Carbon monoxide acts in much the same way. In this way, the term 'cyanotic' means the general condition of being oxygen starved. See Benzaldehyde, Bitter Almond Oil, FFPA

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An overall lack of oxygen may occur due to through trauma (like choking or suffocation) or chronic disorders that compromise heart or lung function, such as cyanotic ...