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Definition of Cyclic

adjective Alt. of Cyclical

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  • Circler noun A mean or inferior poet, perhaps from his habit of wandering around as a stroller; an itinerant poet. Also, a name given to...

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cyclic - definition of cyclic by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...

cyВ·clic (s kl k, s k l k) or cyВ·cliВ·cal (s kl -k l, s k l -k l). adj. 1. a. Of, relating to, or characterized by cycles: a cyclic pattern of weather changes. b. Recurring or moving - Cached - Similar

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Classification of finite simple groups. Cyclic group Zn. Symmetric group Sn. Dihedral group Dn. Alternating group An. Mathieu groups. M11, M12, M22, M23, M24 - Cached - Similar

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a : of, relating to, or being a cycle b : moving in cycles <cyclic time> c : of, relating to, or being a chemical compound containing a ring of atoms. 2. cyclic : being a - Cached - Similar

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome - National Digestive Diseases Information ...

Describes the four phases of cyclic vomiting syndrome and the current treatment options available. Outlines the complications associated with the disorder and - Cached - Similar

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Small sample of the new range of Custom wheels offered by us here at Cyclic. what ever you can dream up we can build. Whether it be a slick set of carbon track - Cached - Similar

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Support for CVS, a version control system which is easy to administer, portable, and supports remote - Cached - Similar

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The World's Best Cleanser using natural ingredients to fight acne, wrinkles and more. Learn about nano technology, view the how-to-use video, and place your - Cached - Similar

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