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Definition of Cyclical

adjective Of or pertaining to a cycle or circle; moving in cycles; as, cyclical time.

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  • Cyclic adjective Alt. of Cyclical

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adjective 1. cyclic. 2. of or denoting a business or stock whose income, value, or earnings fluctuate widely according to variations in the economy or the cycle of ...

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cyВ·clic (s kl k, s k l k) or cyВ·cliВ·cal (s kl-k l, s k l-k l) adj. 1. a. Of, relating to, or characterized by cycles: a cyclic pattern of weather changes.

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Definition of cyclical: Something that happens periodically, i.e. on a regular basis.

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Information and links related to Cyclical. ... When entire industries and the companies within them are characterized as cyclical or non-cyclical it is typically ...

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Cyclical Industry - Definition of Cyclical Industry on Investopedia - A type of an industry that is sensitive to the business cycle, such that revenues are generally ...

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cyclic; tending to rise and fall in line with the fluctuations of the business cycle: cyclical stocks

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Investing during an economic downturn simply means changing your focus. Discover the benefits of defensive stocks.

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cyclical adjective Happening or appearing at regular intervals: cyclic , isochronal , isochronous , periodic , periodical , recurrent