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Definition of Akin

  1. adjective Of the same kin; related by blood; -- used of persons; as, the two families are near akin.
  2. adjective Allied by nature; partaking of the same properties; of the same kind.

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  • German adjective Nearly related; closely akin.noun A native or one of the people of Germany.noun The German language.noun A round dance,...
  • Amygdalaceous adjective Akin to, or derived from, the almond.
  • Allied adjective United; joined; leagued; akin; related. See Ally.The past tense and past participle of Ally
  • Germane adjective Literally, near akin; hence, closely allied; appropriate or fitting; relevant.

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Definition of AKIN. 1. : related by blood : descended from a common ancestor or prototype. 2. : essentially similar, related, or compatible <his interests are akin to - Cached - Similar

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adj. 1. Of the same kin; related by blood. 2. Having a similar quality or character; analogous. 3. Linguistics Sharing a common origin or an ancestral - Cached - Similar

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of kin; related by blood (usually used predicatively): cousins who were too closely akin for marriage. 2. allied by nature; having the same properties: Something - Cached - Similar

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akin (comparative more akin, superlative most akin). (of persons) ... We are too near akin to lie together, though we may lodge near one another. 1897, Joseph - Cached - Similar

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Fatih Akin, Director: Head-On. Fatih Akin was born in 1973 in Hamburg of Turkish parentage. He began studying Visual Communications at Hamburg's College - Cached - Similar


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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Look up akin in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Akin may refer to: [edit] People - Cached - Similar