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Definition of Cycloidal

adjective Pertaining to, or resembling, a cycloid; as, the cycloidal space is the space contained between a cycloid and its base.

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A cycloid is the curve traced by a point on the rim of a circular wheel as the wheel rolls along a straight line. It is an example of a roulette, a curve generated by a - Cached - Similar

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A cycloidal drive or cycloidal speed reducer is a mechanism for reducing the speed of an input shaft by a certain ratio. Cycloidal speed reducers are capable of - Cached - Similar

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a. Thin, rounded, and smooth-edged; disklike. Used of fish scales. b. Having or composed of such scales. 3. Psychiatry Afflicted with or relating to cyclothymia. - Cached - Similar

MAKE | Cycloidal Speed Reducer

11 May 2011 ... 10 Responses to Cycloidal Speed Reducer. Anonymous on May 11th, 2011 at 2: 46 pm said: Someone's gonna have to explain this one to me - Cached - Similar

Designing Cycloidal Gears

16 Sep 2008 ... Watches and clocks traditionally use cycloidal gearing. This page will show you how to design these gears and the cutters used to make - Cached - Similar

Comparing Cycloidal and Planetary Gearboxes | Machine Design

Comparing cycloidal and planetary gearboxes. ... Appears in Print As: Comparing Gearboxes: Cycloidal or Planetary? February 3, 2011. Stephen J. Mraz - Cached - Similar

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DARALI CYCLOIDAL REDUCERS ±oјЦ§Qєл±Kѕч±с Concentric,In-Line ... Confined inside the ring gear housing with pins/rollers, the cycloidal disc goes into - Cached - Similar

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that the factor 3 reflects a much deeper property of cycloidal sectors. Figure 2 shows various stages of rotation of the disk, together with cycloidal sector OPC - Cached - Similar

cycloidal transmission

The only disadvantage of cycloidal drives is that the bearing and the sun gear are an unbalanced mass, and will cause some vibration. In my design, the - Cached - Similar