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Definition of Cyclosis

noun The circulation or movement of protoplasmic granules within a living vegetable cell.

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Cyclosis is the circulation or streaming of the cytoplasm within some living cells. In plant cells, chloroplasts may be moved around with the stream, possibly to a - Cached - Similar

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cyclosis. cyclosis (sД«klЕЌ'sis) [key], streaming of cytoplasm within a living cell without deformation of the external cell membrane. In some plant cells there is a - Cached - Similar

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3 Oct 2005 ... Definition and other additional information on Cyclosis from - Cached - Similar

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cyclosis - cytoplasmic The movement of cytoplasm within - Cached - Similar

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cyВ·cloВ·sis (s -kl s s). n. pl. cyВ·cloВ·ses (-s z). The streaming rotary motion of protoplasm within certain cells and one-celled - Cached - Similar

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Video gallery. Cyclosis or cytoplasmic streaming can be easily seen in cells of Canadian pondweed. Video clips are shown, with tips on viewing cyclosis with a - Cached - Similar

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cytoplasmic streaming (biology), the movement of the fluid substance (cytoplasm) within a plant or animal cell. The motion transports nutrients, proteins, and - Cached - Similar

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Cyclosis definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached - Similar