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Definition of Cyclostomata

noun plural Alt. of Cyclostoma

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Cyclostomata is a group of chordates that comprises the living jawless fishes: the lampreys and hagfishes. Both groups have round mouths that lack jaws but have ...

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Cyclostomata ( В¦sklstmd ) ( invertebrate zoology ) An order of bryozoans in the class Stenolaemata

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CYCLOSTOMATA, or Marsipobranchii, a group of fishes including the ordinary lampreys and hagfish, and so called from the wide permanently gaping mouth which is without ...

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Cyclostomata Cy`clo*stom"a*ta\ (s?`kl?-st?m"?-t?), Cyclostoma \Cy*clos"to*ma\ (s?-kl?s"t?-m?), n. pl. [NL., fr. Gr. ky`klos circle + sto`ma, -atos mouth.] (Zo["o]l ...

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A taxonomic class within the subphylum Vertebrata, comprising the living jawless fishes : lampreys and hagfishes; the cyclostomes. 1834, Peter Mark Roget ...

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Cy`clo`stomВґa`ta (s?`kl?-st?mВґ?-t?) n. pl. 1. (Zool.) A division of Bryozoa, in which the cells have circular apertures. Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words ...

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