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Definition of Cynosure

  1. noun The constellation of the Lesser Bear, to which, as containing the polar star, the eyes of mariners and travelers were often directed.
  2. noun That which serves to direct.
  3. noun Anything to which attention is strongly turned; a center of attraction.

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  • Cynosural adjective Of or pertaining to a cynosure.
  • Lodestar noun A star that leads; a guiding star; esp., the polestar; the cynosure.noun Same as Loadstar.

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noun 1. something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance, interest, etc.: the cynosure of all eyes. 2. something serving for guidance or direction. Origin ...

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Definition of CYNOSURE. 1. capitalized: the northern constellation Ursa Minor; also: north star. 2: one that serves to direct or guide . 3: a center of attraction or ...

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cyВ·noВ·sure (s n-sh r, s n-) n. 1. An object that serves as a focal point of attention and admiration. 2. Something that serves to guide. [French, Ursa Minor (which ...

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cynosure n. An object that serves as a focal point of attention and admiration. Something that serves to guide

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