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Definition of Cypraea

noun A genus of mollusks, including the cowries. See Cowrie.

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  • Argus shell A species of shell (Cypraea argus
  • Cowry noun A marine shell of the genus Cypraea.

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Cypraea is a genus of medium-sized to large sea snails or cowries, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Cypraeidae, the cowries.

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Monetaria monetacongo Gmelin, J.F., 1791; Cypraea moneta Linnaeus, 1758 ( basionym); Cypraea numisma Röding, P.F., 1798; Cypraea gibbosa Schröter, J.S. ...

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Cypraea tigris, commonly known as the tiger cowry, is a species of cowry, a large sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Cypraeidae, the cowries.

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... online articles about cowries, extensive selection of cowries and other specimen shells for purchase, cowry photos, taxonomic information on Cypraea, cowry ... - world wide cowries collection - world wide cowries collection.

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n. 1. (Zool.) A genus of mollusks, including the cowries. See Cowrie. Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms. Noun, 1. Cypraea - type genus of ...

Cypraea Species Checklist -- Cowrie Photos

Cypraea Photos. A comprehensive checklist of Cypraea (cowrie shell) photos in the stock photography database of Phillip Colla Photography.

Tiger cowrie - Cypraea tigris

Information on how to keep and care for Tiger cowrie snails - Cypraea tigris in an aquarium.

Cypraea tigris

Cypraea tigris. Linnaeus, C., 1758, Tiger Cowry, Shell size 38 ... - Cowries worldwide

to I show my snail collection here. Specifically, I show my collection of shells, associated with the Cypraeidae family. Ranked I have the species ...