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Definition of Cytogenous

adjective Producing cells; -- applied esp. to lymphatic, or adenoid, tissue.

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Medical Dictionary cytogenous cyВ·togВ·eВ·nous (sД«-tЕЏj'Й™-nЙ™s) adj. Forming cells.

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cytogenous /cyВ·togВ·eВ·nous/ (si-tojВґД•-nus) producing cells. cyВ·togВ·eВ·nous (s-t j-n s) adj. Forming cells.

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Definition of CYTOGENIC: producing cells . Variants of CYTOGENIC. cy·to·gen·ic or cy·tog·e·nous \sī-ˈ täj-ə-nəs\

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Cy`togВґe`nous (s?-t?jВґ?-n?s) a. 1. (Anat.) Producing cells; - applied esp. to lymphatic, or adenoid, tissue.

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The information shown above for cytogenous is provided by Stedman's. * Stedman's, part of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, provide a comprehensive line of health ...

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