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Definition of Dyad

  1. noun Two units treated as one; a couple; a pair.
  2. noun An element, atom, or radical having a valence or combining power of two.
  3. adjective Having a valence or combining power of two; capable of being substituted for, combined with, or replaced by, two atoms of hydrogen; as, oxygen and calcium are dyad elements. See Valence.

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  • Bivalent p. pr. Equivalent in combining or displacing power to two atoms of hydrogen; dyad.

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Dyad may refer to: Dyad (biology), a pair of sister chromatids occurring in prophase I of meiosis; may also be used to describe protein morphology; Dyad ( Greek - Cached - Similar


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pair; specifically : two individuals (as husband and wife) maintaining a sociologically significant relationship. 2. : a meiotic chromosome after separation of the - Cached - Similar

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a secondary morphological unit, consisting of two monads: a chromosome dyad. b. the double chromosomes resulting from the separation of the four chromatids - Cached - Similar

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dyad (plural dyads). A set of two ... positing a dyad and constructing the infinite out of great and small, instead of treating the infinite as one, is peculiar to him; - Cached - Similar

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