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Definition of Dyadic

adjective Pertaining to the number two; of two parts or elements.

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Dyadic International, Inc

Dyadic is harnessing the power of nature's gene pool for multi-billion dollar markets: agriculture, animal health and feed, chemical processing, diagnostic, health - Cached - Similar

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Dyadic may refer to: Adicity of a mathematical relation or function (dyadic relations are usually called binary relations); Dyadic communication; Dyadic - Cached - Similar

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of or consisting of a dyad; being a group of two. 2. pertaining to the number 2. noun. 3. Mathematics. two or more dyads added together. 00:10. 00:09. 00:08 - Cached - Similar

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adj. 1. Twofold. 2. Of or relating to a dyad. n. Mathematics. The sum of a finite number of dyads. dyadic [daЙЄЛ€Р¶dЙЄk]. adj. 1. (Chemistry) of or relating to a dyad - Cached - Similar

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a mathematical expression formed by addition or subtraction of dyads. First Known Use of DYADIC. 1884. Other Mathematics and Statistics Terms. abscissa - Cached - Similar

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute

18 Jan 2012 ... The Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute is a training institute whose purpose is to provide training, certification, and supervision in - Cached - Similar

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Dyadic. A dyadic, also known as a vector direct product, is a linear polynomial of dyads AB+CD+... consisting of nine components A_(ij) which transform as - Cached - Similar

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