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Definition of Equation

  1. noun A making equal; equal division; equality; equilibrium.
  2. noun An expression of the condition of equality between two algebraic quantities or sets of quantities, the sign = being placed between them; as, a binomial equation; a quadratic equation; an algebraic equation; a transcendental equation; an exponential equation; a logarithmic equation; a differential equation, etc.
  3. noun A quantity to be applied in computing the mean place or other element of a celestial body; that is, any one of the several quantities to be added to, or taken from, its position as calculated on the hypothesis of a mean uniform motion, in order to find its true position as resulting from its actual and unequal motion.

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An equation is a mathematical statement that asserts the equality of two expressions. In modern notation, this is written by placing the expressions on either side - Cached - Similar

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It is most important for a chemist to be able to write correctly balanced equations and to interpret equations written by others. It is also very helpful if he/she - Cached - Similar

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