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Definition of Equidistant

adjective Being at an equal distance from the same point or thing.

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  • Inequidistant adjective Not equally distant; not equidistant.
  • Equi- A prefix, meaning equally; as, equidistant; equiangular.
  • Globe noun A round or spherical body, solid or hollow; a body whose surface is in every part equidistant from the center; a ball; a...
  • Central adjective Relating to the center; situated in or near the center or middle; containing the center; of or pertaining to the parts...

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The circle C is circumscribed by the cyclic polygon P. The circumcentre O is equidistant to each point on the polygon. A point is said to be equidistant from a set - Cached - Similar

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Definition of equidistant point - a point the same distance from two or more other points. Includes a cool math applet useful as a classroom activity and - Cached - Similar

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eВ·quiВ·disВ·tant ( kw -d s t nt, k w -). adj. Equally distant. e quiВ·dis tance (-t ns) n. e quiВ·dis tantВ·ly adv. equidistant [ЛЊiЛђkwЙЄЛ€dЙЄstЙ™nt]. adj. distant by equal amounts - Cached - Similar

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Equidistant definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached - Similar

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equidistant (not comparable) ... can show true scale between one or two points and every point or along every meridian and these are referred to as - Cached - Similar

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1 Nov 2011 ... equally distant <a location equidistant from two major cities>. 2. : representing map distances true to scale in all directions. — equi·dis·tant·ly - Cached - Similar

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Equidistant. Equally distant. For example, any two points on a circle are equidistant from the center. this page updated 24-mar-11. Mathwords: Terms and - Cached - Similar

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equidistant В· Look up equidistant at 1560s, from Fr. Р№quidistant ( 14c.), from L.L. aequidistantem (nom. aequidistans), from aequi- (see equal) + - Cached - Similar

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Synonyms for equidistant at with free online thesaurus, antonyms , and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the - Cached - Similar

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How to use equidistant in a sentence. Example sentences with the word equidistant. equidistant example - Cached - Similar