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Definition of Equilibrating

p. pr. & vb. n. of Equilibrate

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equilibrating - definition of equilibrating by the Free Online ...

eВ·quilВ·iВ·brate ( -kw l -br t ). v. eВ·quilВ·iВ·bratВ·ed, eВ·quilВ·iВ·bratВ·ing, eВ·quilВ·iВ·brates. v.intr. To be in or bring about equilibrium. To maintain in or bring into - Cached - Similar

equilibrating operation

Translations of equilibrating operation. equilibrating operation synonyms, ...

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How to use equilibrate in a sentence. Example sentences with the word equilibrate. equilibrate example - Cached - Similar

international payment and exchange (economics) : Equilibrating ...

respectively, any payment made by one country to another and the market in which national currencies are bought and sold by those who require them for such - Cached - Similar

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Equilibrium may refer to: List of types of equilibrium, the condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced, in a wide variety of contexts - Cached - Similar

What is market equilibrating process

Market equilibrating process is the method(S) in which manufacturers tend on maintaining a balance between supply and demand reaching - Cached - Similar

Law of Equilibrating Pressures

Background Information. Ideal Gas. An "ideal gas" is a gas in which: All collisions are totally elastic (particles always bounce off each other); There are no - Cached - Similar

Equilibrate Matrices

Equilibrate Matrices. The equilibration of a matrix is used to transform that matrix to a matrix with a lower condition number. This is usually recommended for - Cached - Similar

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13 Feb 2012 ... "equilibrating" definitions: to bring to a chemical stasis or equilibrium | to bring into balance or equilibrium +Audio - Similar