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Definition of Equilibrate

transitive verb To balance two scales, sides, or ends; to keep even with equal weight on each side; to keep in equipoise.

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eВ·quilВ·iВ·brate ( -kw l -br t ). v. eВ·quilВ·iВ·bratВ·ed, eВ·quilВ·iВ·bratВ·ing, eВ·quilВ·iВ·brates. v.intr. To be in or bring about equilibrium. To maintain in or bring into - Cached - Similar

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Equilibrate definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached - Similar

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How to use equilibrate in a sentence. Example sentences with the word equilibrate. equilibrate example - Cached - Similar

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equilibrate (third-person singular simple present equilibrates, present participle equilibrating, simple past and past participle equilibrated). (transitive) To - Cached - Similar

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Definition of equilibrate in the Dictionary. Meaning of equilibrate. What does equilibrate mean? Proper usage of the word - Cached - Similar

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Receiving input from the force plates and cameras, Equilibrate senses minute shifts in central body force, positions, directions and frequencies of motion from - Cached - Similar

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equilibrate synonyms, antonyms, English dictionary, English language, definition, see also 'equilibrium','equivocate','equipage','equivalent', Collins Reverso - Cached - Similar

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Equilibrate = to bring into balance and equilibrium. What type of therapeutic modalities does Equilibrate offer to help regain a state of optimal balance and - Cached - Similar

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equilibrate /ˌiːkwɪˈlʌɪbreɪt, ɪˈkwɪlɪ-, iːˈkwɪlɪ-/. ▶verb technical bring into, attain, or maintain a state of equilibrium. – derivatives equilibration - Cached - Similar