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Definition of Equipaged

adjective Furnished with equipage.

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Equipaged - definition of Equipaged by the Free Online ...

EqВґui`paged. a. 1. Furnished with equipage. Well dressed, well bred. Well equipaged, is ticket good enough. - Cowper.


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equipaged - definition of equipaged - synonyms, pronunciation ...

Definition of equipaged. What does equipaged mean? Meaning of equipaged. equipaged synonyms, pronunciation, spelling and more from Free Dictionary.

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Furnished with equipage. ... “These people are nobody," said he; and he talked of fashionable and equipaged friends he had known in other places.”

What is a word equipaged meaning. Definition of equipaged.

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Equipaged - Meaning and definition ... Look up: Equipaged . Equipaged Eq'uiВ·paged adjective Furnished with equipage.

Equipaged Meaning and Definition

Equipaged: words in the definition. Equipage, Furnished, With, See Also Equilibrist Equilibrity Equilibrium Equilibriums Equimomental Equimultiple Equinal Equine ...

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Equipaged Equipaged equipages equipages Equipamento de Proteção Individual Equipamento Terminal de Rede Equipamentos dos Bairros Históricos de Lisboa

equipage - definition of equipage by the Free Online ...

eqВ·uiВ·page (k w-p j) n. 1. Equipment or furnishings. 2. a. A horse-drawn carriage ... Equipaged

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... equipaged; equipendency; equipment; equipoise; equipollence; equipollency; equipollent; equipollently