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Definition of Equipensate

transitive verb To weigh equally; to esteem alike.

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Equipensate Meaning and Definition

quotes, , topic, topics, ... (v. t.) To weigh equally; to esteem alike. Equipensate: words in the definition

equipensate - definition and meaning

To weigh equally; to esteem alike. ... Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia. To weigh equally; esteem alike. GNU Webster's 1913

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equipensate ... noun . 1. anything kept, furnished, or provided for a specific purpose. 2. the act ...

Equipped | Define Equipped at

equipensate ... object), eВ·quipped, eВ·quipВ·ping. 1. to furnish or provide with whatever is ...

Equip - Definition of Equip by Webster's Online Dictionary

Equipendency Equipensate Equipment equipment casualty equipment failure Equipoise equipoised Equipollence Equipollent Equipollently Equiponderance

Equipollence - Definition of Equipollence by Webster Dictionary

Equipensate Equipment Equipoise-Equipollence-Equipollent Equipollently Equiponderance Equiponderant Equiponderate Equiponderous Equipondious Equipotential

Equiponderance - Definition of Equiponderance by Webster ...

Equipensate Equipment Equipoise Equipollence Equipollent Equipollently-Equiponderance-Equiponderant Equiponderate Equiponderous Equipondious Equipotential

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Decussately Desponsate Ensate Equipensate Exossate insensate insensately Intensate jaded Linearensate Manganesate Ptenoglossate replete sate Sateless

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Equipensate Equipment equipment casualty-- equipment failure --Equipoise equipoised Equipollence Equipollent Equipollently Equiponderance Equiponderant

Pronunciation of equinox - how to pronounce equinox correctly.

equipartition equipedal equipensate equiphase equiphasic