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Definition of Equites

noun plural An order of knights holding a middle place between the senate and the commonalty; members of the Roman equestrian order.

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A member of the equestrian order was known as an eques (plural: equites). Equites in Latin has the general meaning of "horsemen" or "cavalry" (from equus - Cached - Similar

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Equites were Roman horsemen or knights. The name is derived from the Latin for horse, equus. The equites came to be a social class. A single member of the - Cached - Similar

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mounted military units; cavalry. 2. members of a specially privileged class derived from the ancient Roman cavalry and having status intermediate between those - Cached - Similar

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(Military) the cavalry. 2. (Historical Terms) members of a social order distinguished by wealth and ranking just below the senators Also called knights. [ from Latin - Cached - Similar

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27 Feb 2008 ... Equites, in ancient Rome, members of the equestrian order, or knighthood. The word is Latin for “horsemen.” The equites were originally the - Cached - Similar

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The Equites, also referred to as Knights ... facts and information about life in Ancient Rome and the class of Romans who were called the Equites, or - Cached - Similar


EQUITES is an investment and merchant banking boutique domiciled in the Baltic States and created to serve regional companies, their owners and investors - Cached - Similar

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22 Jan 2009 ... Major article in Smith's Dictionary of Greek & Roman Antiquities covers the class of Roman citizens sometimes referred to as 'the Roman - Cached - Similar

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The Equitoris is the standard Roman cavalry. Faster than any other Roman military unit, and - Cached - Similar

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From the first Augustus employed Equites in military and civil posts (Dio LIII I5). ... Equites supplanted senators in positions of the highest - Similar