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Definition of Equivocacy

noun Equivocalness.

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equivocality, equivocacy. the state or quality of being ambiguous in meaning or capable of double interpretation. — equivocal, adj. See also: Punning - Cached - Similar

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equivВ·oВ·caВ·cy. noun \Й™М‡Л€kwivЙ™kЙ™sД“, Д“Л€-\. -es. Definition of EQUIVOCACY. : equivocality 1. Origin of EQUIVOCACY. equivocal + -cy. Browse. Next Word in the - Cached - Similar

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Equivocacy - Meaning and definition. ... Look up: Equivocacy. Equivocacy EВ·quiv' oВ·caВ·cy noun Equivocalness. Found on - Cached - Similar

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[edit] English. [edit] Noun. equivocacy (countable and uncountable; plural equivocacies). equivocalness. Part or all of this entry has been imported from the 1913 - Cached - Similar

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Translation of equivocacy in English. Translate equivocacy in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no - Cached - Similar

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Definition of equivocacy in the dictionary. Meaning of equivocacy. What does equivocacy mean? Information and translations of equivocacy in the - Cached - Similar

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Equivocacy. 4440. Us: 50-60% of a raiding guild, in search of a match. We transferred here as a group shortly pre-Cata-launch and were rolling - Similar

Equivocacy meaning , Definition of equivocacy , what is equivocacy View definition and meaning of equivocacy - Cached - Similar

Discontinuity and Equivocacy in Pascal by Bruce Edmunds

Discontinuity and Equivocacy in Pascal Journal article by Bruce Edmunds; Romance Quarterly, Vol. 43, 1996. Read Discontinuity and Equivocacy in Pascal at - Similar

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The Australian Counter-Strike Soccer League: equivocacy - Viewing Profile - The Australian Counter-Strike Soccer League. Jump to content. Logo В· Sign In В» - Cached - Similar