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Definition of Anarthrous

  1. adjective Used without the article; as, an anarthrous substantive.
  2. adjective Without joints, or having the joints indistinct, as some insects.

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/Р¶nЛ€Й‘rОёrЙ™s/ Show Spelled[an-ahr-thruhs] Show IPA. adjective. 1. Zoology. having no joints or articulated limbs. 2. (especially in Greek grammar) used without - Cached - Similar

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anarthrous (not comparable) ... Jacques SauniРёre staggered through the vaulted archway of the museum's Grand Gallery", the first noun phrase is - Cached - Similar

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anВ·arВ·throus ( n-Рґr thr s). adj. 1. Linguistics Occurring without an article. Used especially of Greek nouns. 2. Zoology Lacking - Cached - Similar

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Anarthrous nouns are generally translated in English with the indefinite article ("a , an"). However, some anarthrous nouns are qualitative and are often translated - Cached - Similar

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Definition of ANARTHROUS. 1. of a Greek substantive : used without the article. 2 . zool : without distinct joints. — an·ar·throus·ly adverb - Cached - Similar

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7 Nov 2004 ... This use of a person's name preceded by the name of a job, without a preceding article (an anarthrous NP, as we grammarians say when - Cached - Similar

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27 Mar 2010 ... Idiomatic contempt aside, the anarthrous exclamatory fragment "big deal" is syntactically regular, in that there are lots of other adjective+noun - Cached - Similar

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Singular anarthrous predicate nouns in the Gospel of John. From: John Albu ( Date: Tue Sep 02 1997 - 15:57:49 EDT. Next message: Paul - Cached - Similar

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that anarthrous predicate nouns preceding the verb may function primarily to ... predicate noun in Greek is anarthrous when it irldicates the category or class of - Similar

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29 Mar 2010 ... Anarthrous: Linguistics term meaning "occurring without an article" (a or the). From Greek words meaning "without joints." The second syllable - Cached - Similar