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Definition of Fraction

  1. noun The act of breaking, or state of being broken, especially by violence.
  2. noun A portion; a fragment.
  3. noun One or more aliquot parts of a unit or whole number; an expression for a definite portion of a unit or magnitude.
  4. transitive verb To separate by means of, or to subject to, fractional distillation or crystallization; to fractionate; -- frequently used with out; as, to fraction out a certain grade of oil from pretroleum.

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  • Fractional adjective Of or pertaining to fractions or a fraction; constituting a fraction; as, fractional numbers.adjective Relatively...
  • Integer noun A complete entity; a whole number, in contradistinction to a fraction or a mixed number.

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The fraction 3/8 represents the shaded portion of the circle below. There are 8 pieces in the group, and 3 of them are shaded. Example: The fraction 2/3 represents the ...

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noun 1. Mathematics . a. a number usually expressed in the form a/b. b. a ratio of algebraic quantities similarly expressed. 2. Chemistry . (in a volatile mixture) a ...

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Fraction. A rational number expressed in the form (in-line notation) or (traditional "display" notation), where is called the numerator and is called the denominator.