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Definition of Frankish

adjective Like, or pertaining to, the Franks.

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  • Francic adjective Pertaining to the Franks, or their language; Frankish.
  • Antrustion noun A vassal or voluntary follower of Frankish princes in their enterprises
  • Merovingian adjective Of or pertaining to the first Frankish dynasty in Gaul or France.noun One of the kings of this dynasty.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Frankish may refer to: Franks, a Germanic tribe and their culture; Frankish language ...

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Not to be confused with Old French. Old Frankish was the language spoken by the Franks in the Low Countries and adjacent parts of contemporary France and ...

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BA (Open), MA (Sheffield), PhD (Sheffield) Visiting Senior Research Fellow. Note : This page contains information about Keith's work with The Open University.


A confederation formed in Western Germany of a certain number of ancient barbarian tribes who occupied the right shore of the Rhine from Mainz to the sea.

The Frankish kingdom

The Franks were originally a confederation of Germanic tribes east of the Rhine that from AD 257 began to raid Roman territory. Because they were just one of ...

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[edit] Adjective. Frankish (comparative more Frankish, superlative most Frankish). referring to the Franks. [edit] Translations. referring to the Franks. Armenian: ...

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The Franks were one of the many Germanic tribes that crossed the Roman Empire's northern frontier to invade and then settle in Roman territory in the fifth ...

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This index contains articles on names in Frankish and Old French, languages of the north and ancestors of modern French. Articles on Occitan names are ...

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the West Germanic language of the ancient Franks; Old Franconian. Compare Frank (def. 1). 00:10. 00:09. 00:08. 00:07. 00:06. 00:05. 00:04. 00:03. 00:02. 00: 01 ...