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Definition of Frigidness

noun The state of being frigid; want of heat, vigor, or affection; coldness; dullness.

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Frigidness - definition of Frigidness by the Free Online ...

frigВ·id (fr j d) adj. 1. Extremely cold. See Synonyms at cold. 2. Lacking warmth of feeling. 3. Stiff and formal in manner: a frigid refusal to a request.

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adjective 1. very cold in temperature: a frigid climate. 2. without warmth of feeling; without ardor or enthusiasm: a frigid reaction to the suggested law. 3. stiff ...

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[C15: from Latin frigidus cold, from frīgēre to be cold, freeze; related to Latin frīgus frost] fri'gidity —n 'frigidness —n 'frigidly —adv

frigidity - definition of frigidity by the Free Online ...

chilliness, coldness, iciness, frigidness, coolness. emotionlessness, unemotionality - absence of emotion. stone - a lack of feeling or expression or movement; "he must have a ...

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Definition: frigidness: Synonyms: Jack Frost, blight, dip, drop, freeze, frigidity, frostiness, gelidity, hoarfrost, ice, iciness, rime, wintriness


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