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Definition of Frippery

  1. noun Coast-off clothes.
  2. noun Hence: Secondhand finery; cheap and tawdry decoration; affected elegance.
  3. noun A place where old clothes are sold.
  4. noun The trade or traffic in old clothes.
  5. adjective Trifling; contemptible.

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  • Fallals noun plural Gay ornaments; frippery; gewgaws.
  • Fripper noun One who deals in frippery or in old clothes.

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Frippery - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

obsolete a : cast-off clothes b archaic : a place where old clothes are sold. 2. a : finery; also : an elegant or showy garment b : something showy, frivolous, ...

frippery - definition of frippery by the Free Online Dictionary ...

[French friperie, from Old French freperie, old clothes, from felpe, frepe, from Medieval Latin faluppa, worthless material.] frippery [Л€frЙЄpЙ™rЙЄ]. n pl -peries ...

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frippery (countable and uncountable; plural fripperies) ... that in Chicago"] simplicity and reserve will be practiced and petty effects and frippery avoided.

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/Л€frЙЄpЙ™ri/ Show Spelled[frip-uh-ree] Show IPA. noun, plural fripВ·perВ·ies. 1. finery in dress, especially when showy, gaudy, or the like. 2. empty display; ostentation ...

The Frippery: Vintage Clothing and Accessories. Palm Springs, CA

Men's and Women's vintage clothing including couture, accessories, shoes and jewelry in downtown Palm Springs, CA.

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Apr 13, 2012 ... Posted by Pam @ Frippery at 7:00 AM 4 gracious people spoke up. ... There is much to do at Frippery Farmhouse, inside and out. There is ...

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FRIPPERY creates high-end, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that incorporate rough natural elements in a glamorous setting.


Stumbled upon these beauties over at the Brooklyn Magazine archives. Amazing anything can survive in the cesspool that is the Gowanus Canal. Be sure to ...

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With all these Frippery Extension we are soon close to a functional Gnome Shell with the Gnome 2.X feel! But with the nice and beautiful looks of Gnome Shell.