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Definition of Fruticous

adjective Fruticose.

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The pendent fruticose lichen called California Spanish moss (Ramalina menziesii) hanging from the branches of a valley oak (Quercus lobata) in the Coast - Cached - Similar

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Fruticose lichens in particular can easily fragment. Because of the relative lack of differentiation in the thallus, the line between diaspore formation and - Cached - Similar

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Fruticose lichens don't look at all like fruits. The word "fruticose" is a technical term meaning "shrubby," and many fruticose lichens, such as the one at the right, - Cached - Similar

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Definition of FRUTICOSE. : having a shrubby often branched thallus that grows perpendicular to the substrate <fruticose lichens> — compare crustose, foliose - Cached - Similar


Shrubby, beard and hair lichens. Bushy lichens (fruticose). Cladonia lichens with stalked apothecia (podetia). Cladonia botrytes Cladonia squamosa Cladonia - Cached - Similar

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▶adjective Botany (of a lichen) having upright or pendulous branches. – origin C17: from L. fruticosus, from frutex, frutic- 'bush, shrub'. 'fruticose' also found in - Cached - Similar

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Aspects of the topic fruticose thallus are discussed in the following places at ... Retrieved from - Cached - Similar

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Fruticose definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached - Similar