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Definition of Fubs

noun A plump young person or child.

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  • Fub noun Alt. of Fubstransitive verb To put off by trickery; to cheat.

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Dictionary - Definition of FUBS. ... Seldom used base verb from the following inflections: fubbing, fubbed, fubs, fubber, fubbers, fubbingly and - Similar

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fubs. Definitions of fubs n. - A plump young person or child. plural of fub. The word "fubs" uses 4 letters: B F S U. No direct anagrams for fubs found in this word - Cached - Similar

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Favorite Un-Biological Sister OR Favorite Un-Born Sister A girl who you see as your own family even though you are not blood - Cached - Similar

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(n.) A plump young person or child. Fubs: words in the definition. A, Child, Or, Person, Plump, Young,. Become a SponsorSponsor Results. See Also. Frutescent - Cached - Similar

Fubs or Fabs: Kathleen Robertson - Go Fug Yourself: Because Fugly ...

2 Feb 2012 ... It was so confusing when Clare Arnold started popping up again all over town, spray-tanned within an inch of a tangerine's life, until I realized - Cached - Similar

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Fubs. A fub is a graphical representation of a logic block that is created and edited directly on a diagram sheet. A logic contained within such a block interfaces - Cached - Similar

F.U.B.S. | Facebook

December В· November В· October В· September В· August В· July В· June В· May В· April. F.U.B.S. is on Facebook. To connect with F.U.B.S., sign up for Facebook - Cached - Similar

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The inimitable and very original Mrs. Fubs welcomes you to Mr. Fub's Party “Toys and More” There are those who wonder if Mrs. Fubs and Mrs. Claus are one - Cached - Similar

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Definition of fubs in the dictionary. Meaning of fubs. What does fubs mean? Information and translations of fubs in the most comprehensive - Cached - Similar