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Definition of Fucoid

  1. adjective Properly, belonging to an order of alga: (Fucoideae
  2. adjective In a vague sense, resembling seaweeds, or of the nature of seaweeds.
  3. noun A plant, whether recent or fossil, which resembles a seaweed. See Fucoid, a.

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  • Fucoidal adjective Fucoid.adjective Containing impressions of fossil fucoids or seaweeds; as, fucoidal sandstone.

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fucoid - definition of fucoid by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...

Of or belonging to the order Fucales, which includes brown algae such as gulfweed and rockweed. n. 1. A member of the order Fucales. 2. A fossilized cast or - Cached - Similar

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How to use fucoid in a sentence. Example sentences with the word fucoid. fucoid example - Cached - Similar

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fucoid (comparative more fucoid, superlative most fucoid) ... Asymmetric cell division in fucoid algae, by S. Bisgrove and D. Kropf, in the Journal of Cell Science, - Cached - Similar

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10 Apr 2011 ... 1fuВ·coid. adj \Л€fyСЊ-ЛЊkИЇid\. Definition of FUCOID. : relating to or resembling the rockweeds. Origin of FUCOID. New Latin Fucus, from Latin - Cached - Similar

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3 Oct 2005 ... Definition and other additional information on Fucoid from - Cached - Similar

Calcareous siltstone, Cambrian Fucoid Beds - Rocks of NW ...

Calcareous siltstone, Cambrian Fucoid beds, Loch Assynt The Fucoid beds are quite variable in appearance in composition. Some are rich in carbonate, almost - Cached - Similar

Sperm entry polarizes fucoid zygotes

Gametes and zygotes of the fucoid algae, in contrast, are well- suited for studies of ... Fertilization in the fucoid algae exhibits some similarities to that of animal - Similar

Fucose Complexes, Fucoxanthin, Fucoid, and Fat Storage

TOWNSEND LETTER – JUNE 2008. 87. Introduction. The versatile, medicinal benefits of certain types of seaweed and their derivatives1,2 have been ... %20New%20Product.pdf - Cached - Similar

Asymmetric Division in Fucoid Zygotes Is Positioned by Telophase ...

The relative contributions of cell polarity and nuclear position in specifying the plane of asymmetric division in fucoid zygotes were investigated. In zygotes - Similar